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Detoxification is an aspect of the human body’s natural functioning and processes. Every minute of every day, our bodies sort through molecules that we ingest, inhale and absorb through our digestive system, respiratory system and skin.

If we could be sure that everything that we take in could be absorbed or distributed to the detoxification systems – the lungs, liver, intestines, urinary system and skin – and managed in a balanced way, we may not need to give our bodies extra support.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we are constantly exposed to toxic chemicals, whether it be environmental chemicals, pharmaceuticals, bio toxins (mould, etc.), cosmetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, glyphosate (round-up), heavy metals, and even common household products.

The way that we each respond to the toxins we are exposed to is uniquely individual and depends on our biochemical make-up. Chemicals and toxins are foreign to our body’s built-in elimination systems and therefore cause strain and reduced function as they accumulate within tissues and cells. We may not feel the effects of the toxic burden immediately; however, the science is undeniable that the cumulative effects of toxins can lead to an array of chronic illnesses. Any symptoms such as fatigue, inflammation, thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, irritability, anxiety and depression may have an underlying toxin accumulation as a root cause or contributing factor.

Homeopathic detox therapy aims to stimulate the body’s own detoxification organs to function optimally. Homeopathic detox remedies are prescribed according to the particular systems of each individual and are sourced from plants, minerals, and from the original toxins/chemicals/pharmaceuticals/vaccines/heavy metals that are relevant to each case.

Unlike detoxification methods that utilise the introduction of nutritional supplements, or chelation agents into the body in the hope of drawing out and capturing toxins, a homeopathic detox involves the introduction of the “signature” of the offending toxins into the body so that they may be identified and expelled. This basically means that the toxins that caused ill health are reintroduced as a homeopathic detox remedy in a tailored protocol. Both methods can be effective and often both are considered for treatment in our clinic. In my opinion, the homeopathic method is truly the underpinning of the detox treatment, while the supplements support the processes.

Toxins that are commonly detoxed with our homeopathic detox remedies at our clinic include:

  • Heavy metals such as lead, aluminium, and mercury
  • Copper and zinc (often present in alternate amounts)
  • The oral contraceptive pill
  • Vaccines
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Botox
  • Cortisone

Our Approach

In order to commence homeopathic detox therapy, it is important to initially ensure the body’s detoxification pathways are functioning well. Homeopathic medicines and nutritional supplements help to open up the elimination pathways in preparation for detox, and are supported by diet and nutritional support that contribute to their healthy functioning. Once these pathways are working well, we can begin to detox.

What can you expect from homeopathic detox therapy?

  1. The initial assessment of the toxic exposure of each individual is key. Identification of toxins through testing (see below), symptom presentation and thorough case-taking methods before the treatment plan can be implemented.
  2. Depending on the toxic load, a treatment plan over 6 to 12 months should be considered as a minimum. During this period, each client has a specific and individual treatment plan that is reviewed every 4 to 6 weeks depending on symptoms.

Homeopathic detox remedies are prescribed according to the priority of symptoms. Constitutional approach, miasmatic (inherited genetic predisposition to disease patterns and tendencies) as well as particular organ support are areas that are addressed in each client.

Dietary modifications are advised and tailored to each client to ensure that all foods are biocompatible and not causing inflammation (food intolerance testing is recommended – see below). If a client is consuming a food that is incompatible to them, the result can be inflammation and a reduction in elimination.

Nutritional supplements to aid detoxification are prescribed, and include Vitamin C, Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, and N acetyl cysteine or glutathione.


  • HTMA – Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis – Assesses mineral imbalances as well as heavy metal toxicity.
  • Biocompatibility food intolerance testing – Unlike many prescriptive diets, this test identifies individual sensitivities to food. It involves taking a sample of hair and having it assessed in a lab – measured against 500 foods and household products. In this way, the diet and nutritional advice is tailored and specific to each client.
  • Stool test – Complete microbiome mapping – Helpful in assessing dysbiosis (imbalances in gut flora) as well as parasitic infections, yeast and bacterial overgrowth that can be the result of a toxic burden. These can be corrected with diet and targeted probiotic treatment. Homeobotanical herbs are also prescribed where appropriate.

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I took my 3.5 year old son to Sarah a couple of months ago. He had severe stomach issues, recurrent colds and fevers, and ear issues for months. Traditional medicine didn't offer any solutions at all other than a 'wait-and-see' approach and, unfortunately, one homeopath that we saw prior to Sarah was also of little help. During all that time my child kept suffering. From the very first consultation with Sarah it was clear that she knew what she was doing and I was so relieved to feel that my son will be finally helped. Sarah is very professional and at the same time you can see how much she genuinely cares, which is quite a rare quality to find in medical field nowadays. The great amount of questions she asked and her very thorough approach meant that she was able to find the exact cures for his issues within a very short period of time, for which me and my son and our whole family are extremely grateful. She really goes out of her way to ensure that the patient gets the best possible care. And she is always an absolute pleasure to deal with.

M.G - Rosanna

I’ve been to Sarah a few times over the years, more recently to get some help over changes in my body and mental health during my peri-menopause period. A holistic practitioner that is curious, listens and follows through is the best way to describe Sarah - my hormones are levelled I’m no longer “suffering” but also have a deeper understanding with what is happening to my body. I highly recommend Sarah who is truly a patient, caring and thoughtful practitioner.

Maria - Melbourne

I initially sought out homeopathic treatment after a recommendation from a lovely stranger in a park. Both my daughters and I have now been seeing Sarah for a couple of years. Our visits with Sarah have provided me with a greater appreciation for homeopathic treatment and it’s whole of person approach. Sarah is thorough and passionate about helping both myself and my daughters. We have been treated for a range of different things and she has left no stone unturned, with quite remarkable results. We moved interstate a few months ago and we still meet with Sarah via video link because she is now a regular fixture in our lives!

Lisa - Canberra

Sarah is an exceptional homeopath. She has treated three generations within our family. She is genuinely interested in understanding your complaint and prescribes remedies with great care and expertise. My 3 year old daughter and I have experienced great results and I can't imagine not having had Sarah to support us with our physical and emotional health over the last year.

Sascha - Australia

Sarah has extensive knowledge and skills in homeopathy. She is genuinely, warm, caring and diligent in treating the individual holistically. Sarah is exceptionally perceptive and has treated my constitutional needs with great success. She has made a huge difference to my confidence, health and wellbeing. I will continue to see Sarah as my primary practitioner.

Mary - Australia

Sarah has been a great help to our whole family (including my two young children). She has helped improve our general health, and helped with preventing and treating seasonal illnesses and allergic reactions. Sarah us always ready to listen and affirm; she is an excellent listener, empathetic, helpful in a gentle way, and encouraging. She is quick to respond to messages, but I never feel like she is in a rush. We have been very fortunate to find such a kind and helpful practitioner.

Heidi - Australia

Highly recommended. Sarah is a life saver. With her knowledge and caring nature we feel like we have finally found a health care provider that we can trust, who has our whole family interest at heart, who’s willing to work with our personality, temperament and disposition. Thank you Sarah, we are so blessed to have found you.

Ervina - Australia

My family and I have been seeing Sarah for the last three years. She is amazing! She genuinely cares for her clients, and there’s always follow up which is so important. She is extremely generous, intuitive, a wonderful practitioner and a lovely person. We have had such positive results from her treatment and care.

Anne-Maree - Australia

First of all, I want to tell you how much you are helping my kids. I am sooooo grateful!! It feels so amazing to be so supported. I had years of worry and now I finally feel like I am getting somewhere. Thank you, thank you! I feel so lucky to get to work with Sarah and see all the benefits of homeopathy!! She got my children back to their confident and happy state of being!! It’s support I have needed for years. Sarah (and homeopathy) really looks at the idiosyncrasies of each person so it can truly heal in a unique way.

Jenny - US

Sarah Valentini has always been very thorough, professional and compassionate. I have sincerely felt safe and cared for during our appointments and outside of them. I have seen exemplary results from her treatment and care.

Mathilde - Australia

Sarah is an insightful practitioner who took the time to listen and create the perfect remedy for my 4 year old daughter. We were so relieved to see an immediate resolve to her symptoms, having been dismissed by conventional medical practitioners previously. She is wise, kind and generous, and I have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Rebecca - Australia

I first contacted Sarah on the back of a recommendation by a friend. She was very approachable and helpful, even before we had our first appointment. When we met, she asked a lot of questions and I really felt like she was taking the time to learn as much as possible about my daughter. I didn’t feel rushed at all which was very comforting. The remedies we started for my daughter, who was battling anger issues since the birth of her baby brother, made a huge difference within a couple of weeks. Sarah has helped my child and even more so our family. Our child is back to her happy and quirky self and we are not facing the constant risk of screaming and anger anymore. It seems she has found her calm and is able to communicate and work through her feelings better. Thank you Sarah.

Kathy - Australia

Seeing Sarah has made a huge positive difference in my life. I have overcome many difficult health issues and been treated with dignity, respect and kindness. I have gained flexibility and freedom in my lifestyle from the improved health I have gained. I have been delighted by the results of using Homeopathy and believe it to be vital to my ongoing wellbeing.

Ros - Australia

Sarah has successfully treated my 2 children for behavioural, skin and also sleep issues. She has a kind and caring nature, but is also very thorough and professional.

Jasmine - Australia

My family and I are so grateful to have Sarah in our lives.  The first appointment with Sarah is like a therapy session where Sarah provides you with the opportunity to really open up to all of your life traumas, which seem to create the blueprint for our personal health issues. I found this part of the therapy, very effective at releasing some of the pains which were causing my issues. From there Sarah will provide you with one or two remedies which further deepen the healing process at home.  Sarah is always there, via email or mobile to help out if and when things get rocky.  We have found Sarahs' availability to be extremely valuable, when you need professional guidance 'on the go', especially with young children who seem to change so quickly. To say the treatment has helped me is a massive understatement, as it has been life changing. I only wish I had met Sarah earlier!

Jake - Australia