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Homeopathy in Melbourne

Sarah Valentini, the director of The Family Apothecary, has a keen interest in helping families using isopathy, tautopathy, nutritional advice and homeopathy for anxiety and depression, especially related to Austism, PANDAS, ADHD and hormonal complaints as well as other chronic and acute illnesses.

Sarah has a special interest in working in an integrated model with autism, PANDAS/PANS, ADHD and sensory processing disorder. Tantrums, rage and behavioural concerns also fall under this banner; these may be able to be supported with homeopathic remedies for aggression and homeopathy for autism. Detoxification of heavy metals and drugs that may be having a negative effect on your overall health, as well as gut health treatment, usually goes hand in hand with this process. Sarah understands the stresses that these conditions place on a family and addresses these in consultations. The whole family needs to feel supported.

Women’s health is also an area of interest for Sarah, especially perimenopause and menopause, PCOS and endometriosis. She can prescribe homeopathic and herbal remedies for perimenopause, hormonal imbalance homeopathy, and other treatments to help women.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine system that is based on the idea of the mind and body being interconnected. Homeopathy considers the patient’s overall health, meaning that any two people who have the same ailment might receive different treatments based on their individual symptoms. Homeopathy in Melbourne uses natural medicines to stimulate and strengthen the patient’s immune system to aid the body in healing itself.

In Person & Online Homeopathic Consultations for Long Distance Appointments

Sarah is available for in person appointments at her homeopathy Melbourne clinic. She will examine your family’s health history, your emotional and mental state, the current symptoms you are experiencing, and other factors. Initial consultations are normally around an hour and a half long, while follow up appointments are usually between 45 minutes to 1 hour long. Sarah will recommend that you have a follow up consultation about 2 to 3 weeks after your initial consultation in order to monitor your progress and adjust your prescription if need be.

Many of Sarah’s patients are based interstate and overseas as well as in Melbourne, yet they still seek her out for treatment. This is why Sarah provides homeopathic doctor online consultations that allow her to provide patients with interstate and international homeopathic appointments from her office.

Sarah can design a personalised treatment plan using homeopathic remedies for aggression, hypothyroidism remedies, herbal remedies for perimenopause, remedies for personality disorders, homeopathy for autism, isopathy, tautopathy, or another type of remedy as required. These remedies will be used to try to alleviate your symptoms and address what is causing your health problems.

Book Your Consultation Today

If you would like to discuss your specific health concerns with Sarah and see how she can help you, click below to arrange a free 20 minute consultation.

Appointments are available face to face in Kew or Yarraville for homeopathy in Melbourne, Australia. Sarah also offers international homeopathic doctor online consultations to see clients from across the globe using Zoom.

Feel free to use our online booking system or call 0408 542 762 today to arrange your consultation.

I began taking my son for consultations with Sarah about six months ago. He was suffering with severe anxiety, hyperactivity and chronic digestive problems. Having already seen several different therapists, without any improvement, I was feeling almost that this was my last resort. I'm so happy to see the tremendous improvement in his health that Sarah has been able to facilitate. She's incredibly knowledgeable and thorough in her approach and her obvious experience as a practitioner enabled me to have complete trust in her competency. She is also very perceptive of the complexity of a situation, seeing into the subtle, underlying patterns of a clients condition. I have also been seeing her, during this time, for my own physical and mental health concerns, which have improved dramatically. Sarah is so incredibly generous with the time and energy that she invests in her clients and I have such a deep appreciation for her. She is an outstanding practitioner. Seeking her expertise is one of the best choices I have made for the health of my family.

Gurudaya - Australia

I took my 3.5 year old son to Sarah a couple of months ago. He had severe stomach issues, recurrent colds and fevers, and ear issues for months. Traditional medicine didn't offer any solutions at all other than a 'wait-and-see' approach and, unfortunately, one homeopath that we saw prior to Sarah was also of little help. During all that time my child kept suffering. From the very first consultation with Sarah it was clear that she knew what she was doing and I was so relieved to feel that my son will be finally helped. Sarah is very professional and at the same time you can see how much she genuinely cares, which is quite a rare quality to find in medical field nowadays. The great amount of questions she asked and her very thorough approach meant that she was able to find the exact cures for his issues within a very short period of time, for which me and my son and our whole family are extremely grateful. She really goes out of her way to ensure that the patient gets the best possible care. And she is always an absolute pleasure to deal with.

M.G - Rosanna

I’ve been to Sarah a few times over the years, more recently to get some help over changes in my body and mental health during my peri-menopause period. A holistic practitioner that is curious, listens and follows through is the best way to describe Sarah - my hormones are levelled I’m no longer “suffering” but also have a deeper understanding with what is happening to my body. I highly recommend Sarah who is truly a patient, caring and thoughtful practitioner.

Maria - Melbourne

I initially sought out homeopathic treatment after a recommendation from a lovely stranger in a park. Both my daughters and I have now been seeing Sarah for a couple of years. Our visits with Sarah have provided me with a greater appreciation for homeopathic treatment and it’s whole of person approach. Sarah is thorough and passionate about helping both myself and my daughters. We have been treated for a range of different things and she has left no stone unturned, with quite remarkable results. We moved interstate a few months ago and we still meet with Sarah via video link because she is now a regular fixture in our lives!

Lisa - Canberra

Sarah is an exceptional homeopath. She has treated three generations within our family. She is genuinely interested in understanding your complaint and prescribes remedies with great care and expertise. My 3 year old daughter and I have experienced great results and I can't imagine not having had Sarah to support us with our physical and emotional health over the last year.

Sascha - Australia

Sarah has extensive knowledge and skills in homeopathy. She is genuinely, warm, caring and diligent in treating the individual holistically. Sarah is exceptionally perceptive and has treated my constitutional needs with great success. She has made a huge difference to my confidence, health and wellbeing. I will continue to see Sarah as my primary practitioner.

Mary - Australia

Sarah has been a great help to our whole family (including my two young children). She has helped improve our general health, and helped with preventing and treating seasonal illnesses and allergic reactions. Sarah us always ready to listen and affirm; she is an excellent listener, empathetic, helpful in a gentle way, and encouraging. She is quick to respond to messages, but I never feel like she is in a rush. We have been very fortunate to find such a kind and helpful practitioner.

Heidi - Australia

Highly recommended. Sarah is a life saver. With her knowledge and caring nature we feel like we have finally found a health care provider that we can trust, who has our whole family interest at heart, who’s willing to work with our personality, temperament and disposition. Thank you Sarah, we are so blessed to have found you.

Ervina - Australia

My family and I have been seeing Sarah for the last three years. She is amazing! She genuinely cares for her clients, and there’s always follow up which is so important. She is extremely generous, intuitive, a wonderful practitioner and a lovely person. We have had such positive results from her treatment and care.

Anne-Maree - Australia

First of all, I want to tell you how much you are helping my kids. I am sooooo grateful!! It feels so amazing to be so supported. I had years of worry and now I finally feel like I am getting somewhere. Thank you, thank you! I feel so lucky to get to work with Sarah and see all the benefits of homeopathy!! She got my children back to their confident and happy state of being!! It’s support I have needed for years. Sarah (and homeopathy) really looks at the idiosyncrasies of each person so it can truly heal in a unique way.

Jenny - US

Sarah Valentini has always been very thorough, professional and compassionate. I have sincerely felt safe and cared for during our appointments and outside of them. I have seen exemplary results from her treatment and care.

Mathilde - Australia

Sarah is an insightful practitioner who took the time to listen and create the perfect remedy for my 4 year old daughter. We were so relieved to see an immediate resolve to her symptoms, having been dismissed by conventional medical practitioners previously. She is wise, kind and generous, and I have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Rebecca - Australia

I first contacted Sarah on the back of a recommendation by a friend. She was very approachable and helpful, even before we had our first appointment. When we met, she asked a lot of questions and I really felt like she was taking the time to learn as much as possible about my daughter. I didn’t feel rushed at all which was very comforting. The remedies we started for my daughter, who was battling anger issues since the birth of her baby brother, made a huge difference within a couple of weeks. Sarah has helped my child and even more so our family. Our child is back to her happy and quirky self and we are not facing the constant risk of screaming and anger anymore. It seems she has found her calm and is able to communicate and work through her feelings better. Thank you Sarah.

Kathy - Australia

Seeing Sarah has made a huge positive difference in my life. I have overcome many difficult health issues and been treated with dignity, respect and kindness. I have gained flexibility and freedom in my lifestyle from the improved health I have gained. I have been delighted by the results of using Homeopathy and believe it to be vital to my ongoing wellbeing.

Ros - Australia

Sarah has successfully treated my 2 children for behavioural, skin and also sleep issues. She has a kind and caring nature, but is also very thorough and professional.

Jasmine - Australia