Anna Morningstar

Anna is a qualified homeopath and kinesiologist and has been in private practice since 1995.

With a wealth of knowledge gained over years in practice, Anna works with not only the whole human chemistry, but intertwining high levels of intuition and kinesiology within her treatments.

This includes classical homeopathy, removing blockages and balancing the system with remedy courses to support the body in getting rid of the consequences of harmful substances, constitutional treatment, support for the organs and organ systems with specific homeopathic remedies and nutrition.

Her approach is based on personalized medicine with the understanding that every person is unique.

Anna was first introduced to homeopathy when her young daughter at the time faced health challenges caused by vaccinations. Witnessing her own daughter’s healing by homeopathy, she not only integrated homeopathy into her family but went on to become a homeopath herself. Because of this, she has a special interest in children’s health and is passionate about supporting both children diagnosed with ADHD, autism, PANS and PANDAS and their parents to assist in restoring their children’s health so they can live a happy and full life.

She also specialises in depression, burnout and women’s health and fertility, homeopathic detoxification as well as acute situations such as trauma, Epstein Barr virus and colds and flu to name a few.

Anna lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland with her husband and their dog Max. She is a mother and a grandmother to four grandchildren.

She understands the pain, anxiety, stress, and suffering that ill health can cause. She believes that nothing has come close to the safe and effective results that she, her family, and clients have achieved with homeopathy.


Anna holds a Diploma of Applied Science (Homeopathy), is a registered Kinesiologist and is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

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