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  • Initial Consultation
  • $ 105
    1 hour
  • Questionnaire for children should be filled out and emailed back 24 hours before consult
  • Follow up Consultation
  • $ 85
    45 minutes
  • Follow up consults usually scheduled 2-4 weeks after initial appointment depending on complaint.

For Homeoprophylaxis, the initial consult is $105 for 1 hour.  The remedy kit is charged separately to the consult.

  • Initial Consultation
  • $ 160
    1.5 hours
  • Parents only

    • Questionnaire should be filled out and emailed back before consult
    • Available face to face or online
    • During this consult Sarah will take a full history and allow the parents to speak candidly about the pregnancy, birth and health history.
    • Parents can ask any questions or express any concerns they have about the treatment
    • An assessment of the case and further pathology testing where required will be ordered
    • A treatment plan will be prepared for the second consultation, which provides a prioritized outline of areas that need addressing.
    • Initial remedies or detox protocols may be prescribed during this consultation where appropriate
  • 1st Follow up (1-2 weeks after initial consult)
  • $ 105
    1 hour
  • Parents and child (where appropriate)

    • During this consultation, Sarah will observe the child while chatting with the parents
    • If the appointments are conducted online, Sarah will request the parents to send a video of the child so observations can be made about behaviours and characteristics
  • Consecutive follow up appointments (4-6 weekly appointments)
  • $ 85
    45 minutes
  • Parents and child (where appropriate)

    • Follow up consultations address the responses to the remedy/s
    • Pathology tests will be examined and treatment plan will be adjusted accordingly
    • Each follow up consultation will address any changes that have arisen since the previous appointment.
    • At times during the course of treatment we will need to manage acute illnesses as well as changes in symptoms, it can be like peeling back layers of an onion.

Treatment should be continued for at least 6 months in order to see deep progress. Initial improvements can be seen quite quickly, however with complex disease states it is known that treatment is most effective if continued for at least 6 months.

  • Initial Consultation
  • $ 160
    1.5 hours
    • During this consultation Sarah will explore the main complaint, take a full health and family history as well as take general symptoms of each individual.
    • Sarah may recommend further testing where required and relevant
  • 1st Follow up Consultation
  • $ 100
    1 hour
    • Usually scheduled 2-3 weeks after initial consultation, and then 4-5 weeks after this.
    • Follow up consultations will address the remedy responses and examine any test results
  • Acute consultation
  • $ 220
    12 Months Subscription
    • Some clients like to be able to contact Sarah for advice on acute illnesses or injuries.
    • A subscription entitles the bearer to advice on acute illnesses or remedy responses over phone or email
    • More complex issues will require an acute consultation
    • NB – Clients currently under Sarah’s care for chronic health complaints will not need to purchase the subscription as communication between appointments is encouraged, especially in the cases of acute illness.   It is always better to try to tackle an acute illness with homeopathy or other “supportive therapies”.  Supportive therapies ensure a strengthening of the vital force, whereas western medicine (although sometimes required and appropriate) suppress symptoms and can set treatment back.