Jessica Goh

Jessica is a qualified homeopath, dimensional therapist and a loving mum. She believes in a holistic approach to healthcare, which means looking at the whole person; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. Through her own life’s experiences and more recently her son’s eczema, Jessica was led to dive deep into homeopathy, bio-compatible eating, detoxing and healing from the root cause to create a strengthened immune system and overall, stronger health and vitality.

Jessica’s passion lies in children’s health, Homeoprophylaxis – which is a disease prevention for children, vaccine damage, detoxing and acute prescribing. She is an advocate for empowering mothers to use homoeopathy in the family home, and runs regular workshops (both online and in-person), to assist in creating optimal health within young children and families. She is also very interested in Homeopathic detox therapy (read about it here) Jessica brings her experience of meditation, yoga, coaching and intuitive abilities into all of her client sessions. She is dedicated to the process of healing from the root cause.

Jessica is available to see clients from all over Australia and the world via online platforms.

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