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  • One of the cornerstones of the process of healing with homeopathy is constitutional prescribing. Without supporting the constitution of each client that I see, I don’t see the completeness of healing. Homeopathic constitutional remedies are selected from the Homeopathic

  • George was 3.5 years old when his mother brought him to see me. George’s mum had been surprised when she became pregnant with George. She was about to return to work after being at home with her 2 daughters for

  • Healing the gut in most of my clients is paramount to their healing. In children with diagnoses of Autism, ADHD and adults with depression, anxiety or hormonal complaints such as PCOS and endometriosis as well as going through peri menopause

  • We find ourselves here, in an unprecedented time… not knowing what will happen next. It’s unsettling! With all the unknowns it is essential that as a health practitioner, I am making sure that my clients feel safe and assured that

  • Sarah Valentini, the director of The Family Apothecary, has had many women come to her for hormone balance treatment to help them with hormonal acne and other menopause and perimenopause symptoms. Learn more on this subject below with our guide

  • It’s natural for parents whose children have autism to feel helpless or get frustrated when their child is having an autism meltdown. Trying to improperly calm your child down can make matters even worse. Fortunately, autism meltdown therapy can teach

  • It is normal for young children to act disobediently and impulsively at times. However, some children display hyperactive behaviour that is unusual for that age group and particularly hard and demanding for their parents to handle. These kids find it

  • Worry isn’t something that we consciously bring in to our lives. Why would we do that? It can really get in the way of enjoying everyday experiences. As a child and a twin, I was known as the worrier,

  • With the rates of Autism on the rise, there’s one thing that we know for sure! There’s something that is going on in our environment that is likely to be contributing to the increase of diagnoses. We are also seeing

  • Welcome to The Family Apothecary!  Comprehensive, natural health care for the whole family.  You will find lots of bits and pieces of information in this blog that will help you care for your family at home, naturally. During acute illnesses, many