Plants that are starved and grown in depleted soil cannot thrive, they often get attacked by bugs and pests. We are similar to plants. Our skin, our hormones, our mood, behaviour, organs, menstrual cycles, etc. will only flourish and thrive in a nutrient-rich-soil full of minerals with a balanced ecosystem.

HTMA is non-invasive report which shows your current levels of nutritional minerals and heavy metal toxicity. Think of the periodic table back in high school – calcium, zinc, copper, manganese, iron sulphur, potassium to name a few.

These days the health and well-being industry is taking off – this is a great thing! but not so great when people are self-prescribing supplements and self diagnosing chronic conditions from places like Dr. Google.

The reason why HTMA is so useful is that it gives you accurate levels of your nutritional minerals & heavy metal toxicity, and how they play in-relation to each other. You see, zinc, copper, manganese etc. do not work in isolation. Particular minerals work either synergistically (together positively) or antagonistically (against) each other. In other words, too much of 1 mineral can stop the other from being utilised and absorbed in the body.

Take Copper for example. Copper is closely related to estrogen. It is common to find women with elevated copper to suffer from PMS and prolonged heavy periods. Although too much copper can also cease menstruation altogether.

Do you remember hearing, ‘drinking a glass of warm milk will help you sleep’? that’s because Calcium is a sedative calming mineral. When low calcium comes up in the report, it is not unusual to see this in hyperactive/hypersensitive children or even children with food and environmental allergies. Again, it’s about getting the balance right and seeing what other factors are contributing to the low calcium uptake.

Another common one is Zinc. Low Zinc levels are often associated with skin conditions, diabetes, menstrual irregularities, decreased immune system and increased susceptibility to viral infections… but too much zinc relative to copper can also compromise the immune system.

It is a delicate dance of bringing the nutritional minerals into balance.

This is roughly a 3-6 month journey of homeopathics, supplementation and dietary advice. You are not expected to be on supplements for the rest of your life, just till you are balanced and feeling good.

This Is ideal for:
Children with:

● Allergies
● Sleep issues
● Low immunity
● Repeated inflections
● Respiratory issues
● Heavy metal toxicity
● Long term infection states
● Concentration

Women with:
● Menstrual problems
● Birth control / Copper IUD toxicity
● Depression & anxiety
● Peri-menopause/Menopause

Jessica is available to do your Hair Tissue Mineral Balance and a full personalised report for an initial fee if $399 which includes the test. Appointments are conducted online.

The test requires you to cut a little bit of hair from the back of your head! Instructions are included.

Please go to BOOK now for an appointment with Jessica.

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